Instagram is one of our favourite places to hang out, get inspired and connect. Yet, sometimes our interactions on social media can feel like they are on auto-pilot. The #instagramgathering is a way for us to stop and engage in more meaningful conversations, with the long game of building genuine online friendships.

How does it work?

We will post four questions every fifteen minutes on our Instagram page. As each question comes up, share your answer and participate in the discussion happening in the comments. We encourage lots of conversation back and forth so make sure to tag others in your replies and comments. (Also, make sure to refresh your feed from time to time.) Check out the hashtag for an idea of what to expect.


When is it?

We hope you will join us for our next #instagramgathering on February 20th 2017, 715pm-815pm


How to join?

RSVP below for reminder emails and to be entered for the prize. This #instagramgathering is open to all women looking for some fun and meaningful lady chat. The more the merrier, feel free to invite your friends!