Make Your Emails Matter

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Email is one of the most under-rated forms of social networking. 


 What is Make Your Emails Matter? 

Make Your Emails Matter is a new eBook from A Little Light that takes you through the why and how of building an engaging email strategy that your community will look forward to seeing in their inbox. 


Who this ebook is for

The blogger

The almost blogger

The used to be a blogger

The small business

The online shop

Anyone looking to build up an engaged community around a site/service/product


What to expect from Make Your Emails Matter

Every blogger and business can benefit from making use of email to reach and engage with their audience. It is one of the most intimate forms of connecting with your audience. But it isn’t as simple as sending out your RSS feed or your sales flyers. An engaging email that your community will be excited to see in their inbox requires thought, planning and creativity.

This book outlines:

  • the ways that email can increase your audience’s engagement in your blog/brand
  • the seven basics steps to set up your email to make an impact
  • thirteen creative and engaging ways to use your email newsletter
  • the must-haves for making your emails matter to your audience
  • thirteen ways you should be promoting your email list


Where to find it

Get your kindle copy on Amazon for only $2.99



Make Your Emails Matter
Special thank you to Jacqueline Melissen of Two Fun Moms for editing services. 
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