Do I Have A Platform?

You hear the word platform and you probably think of a big name in social media with thousands of followers.

You probably think: Message + Large Social Media Following = Platform

If you don’t have a soapbox message or large social media following, you probably don’t think you have a platform.

You probably don’t think of the women at work that you have coffee with at 10am each morning.

Or your 300 Facebook friends that follow along your new motherhood escapades.

Or the Instagrams of your homemade foods to the little community you’ve grown, maybe unknowingly.

Because platforms don’t have to be online. They also don’t have to be obvious or large.

It’s not just about followers and fans, it’s about friends, and relationships, no matter where they are happening.

Anytime you say something – someone is listening, that is your platform.

We are all called to share the Good News, but it can be hard to do. It may even be something we are leary of in our real life communities. We also tend to overlook the ‘online space’ as a place to share about God’s grace and love in our lives. As much as we have platform in our daily lives, we also have a new community of people at our fingertips online.

A platform also doesn’t require a certain message or soapbox issue. We think we need something tremendous or poignant to say. But communities are built on sharing day to day life and simple things that bring inspiration just as much communities are formed around deep heart-draining issues.

Online and offline you have people that listen to what you say and read what you post. No matter how many people, you still have an audience.

We urge you to start thinking about the subtle or not-so-subtle ways we can use our platforms to share our faith. Because we ALL have a platform.

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