I grew up going to church and then drifted away during my young adult years. As I gradually returned to church and to listening to God and trusting him – there was this slow courting back into a relationship with him.  I suddenly felt like I missed this huge step because I didn’t have a testimony of how I ‘came to Christ’. There was no epic fireworks moment where I was awe-struck by his love in my messiness.

Maybe you, like me, have had a few misconceptions when it comes to ‘testimony’. I used to think it had to be this gut-wrenching tale of the lost being found. I thought it needed to be monologued to an entire congregation, or pieced out in a novel of redemption. Until I started to look at ‘the mission’ I had for what I was sharing, I hadn’t thought of the little ways we can share our testimony as it plays out every day. I haven’t thought about sharing all the ways I was awe-struck by his love in my messiness every single day. 

What changed things for me was hearing this song…

“To tell of my story is to tell of him”.

I have 33 years of testimony I could share with the world. Some of it I share readily, and some I hold close and quiet only to share with those who need that story. I can think of the big things in my life that God has redeemed; my marriage, making me a mom, pouring his mercy onto me in motherhood, teaching me how to honour my parents, healing my anxieties I carried from childhood, the list does go on. I can also think of the seemingly small ways God’s story is revealed in my life: the energy to get through the day after a sleepless night, holding my tongue when I’m so ready to defend and accuse, dealing with a social situation that I am dreading, guiding me in parenting, giving me grace in how I love others (especially those closest to me). He is in all of it, HE is the story. Every day I ask him to get me through it. Every day he provides. Every day I trust him a little more.

My tongue will declare your righteousness and praise you all day long. Psalm 35:28

Some are shy in sharing their testimony, some are bold. It doesn’t’ matter how you share your testimonies, so long as you do. God designed you just the way you are to share your story as you are, from where you are. All it takes is some authenticity to show the world a little, or a lot, of our mess so they can see how he turns it into a message.

Here are some ways you can share your every day testimony with your online and offline community

  • When you meet a new mom who seems to be struggling, hold how to share your testimonyher baby for her and let her know you struggled too and there is hope
  • Share pictures of your life when it is less than perfect. Your messy kitchen, dirty car, floordrobe to say how you’ve learned that you are loved and valuable and useful to God even when your life is looking messy on the outside
  • Share praise to God for answered prayers
  • When a friend shares their heartache with you, offer them your heart and the hope you have for them all because of what hope has empowered you to do
  • Share praise to God for unanswered prayers
  • Share a picture that signifies a mindset you have triumphed over through your trust in God. Maybe it is anxiety in motherhood, negative body image, perfectionism, an addiction
  • Write about a relationship that you never thought would be repaired but alone by the grace of God is has
  • Show ways that measuring your worth in God gives freedom to those who have their worthiness trapped in this world
  • Share the ways you find yourself trapped in worldly things and how God frees you from that
  • Post about someone special in your life that God has used in your life as a blessing
  • Share about something you are struggling with today but you are giving it to God
  • Encourage others to forgive themselves for something today, something that you yourself have had to forgive yourself for
  • Post about the big dreams that have got you where you are and how you see God’s hand in that
  • Share about your fears and doubts in what God is calling you to do and praise his obedience and grace in empowering you
  • Post about something you never imagined you would be doing but for God. It could be simple like driving a car, planning a social event, or quitting your job and traveling the world in an RV
  • Claim out loud a dream that is in your heart and let others see you seeking to embrace the unique way God made you as you work towards this dream

Wherever you can, open up your time and space to someone else (whether it is coffee at your home, a comment thread on your facebook page, etc.) in order to build the relationships that allow these types of testimonies to be engaged with. 

Families, friends, community, nations – they are all nurtured by stories, our true and honest stories. It is our history, our identity, our arrow we can lift up that points to God. I urge you to share pieces of your story because they are his story. Everything in your life and your day tells God’s story. Share it in subtle or bold ways. Share it to glorify, to praise, to heal, the counsel, to reveal. Just simply share it.

But Jesus said, “No, go home to your family, and tell them everything the Lord has done for you and how merciful he has been.” Mark 5:19


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