tips for the christian woman in social mediaIt makes no sense that a blogger who is writing all about her life has so much dilemma writing a bio. I see some bloggers who don’t even have ‘About Me’ pages and I nod because it’s one of the hardest pages to write. Sure, we are all online sharing snippets of our lives and talents, but now I need to write ABOUT ME!? What if I sound braggy? Or lame? Or someone doesn’t like what they find out? Will I lose readers?

In this month of authenticity, we looked at just being who we are; letting our hard walls be softened; allowing imperfect to show through; and the possibility of being hurt not override the possibility of meaningful relationships. So of course, we should start to put this into action and write that ‘About Me’ page with some authenticity.

If you don’t have an About Me page, let me say that yes you do need one.The About Me page is often one of the most visited pages on your site. Once someone lands on your site, if they don’t leave, it is often the next page they visit. Here is your chance to highlight what your site is and why they should stick around. The good news about the modern About Me page is that it is less of personal bio and more of a website bio. So you can really highlight your site/services and give people an idea of the person and heart behind it all.

Here are some important things to include in your About Me page. . . .

A bit about you.

People are as curious about you as much as they are looking for a connection point with you. So share about yourself. You don’t have to get private, but you need to get personal.

Your faith.

Of course, it is amazing to share your faith in all the work you do online, but many of us might are wary about bringing it into our online work. I get it, sharing your faith online can be intimidating, often because your audience doesn’t share your beliefs and you are afraid you will lose them. But it is worth it, because He is worthy and worth sharing. If a reader leaves your page solely based on your faith, and they never come back, then you aren’t losing someone who is genuinely sold on you and your work. On the flip side, sharing that you are a Christian will give people that undertone of what a Christian does, and shares, as they sift through all your work online and see the love, grace and dedication you put into it.

What your site is about.

Tell the reader the topics they can expect out of you. Share the brief story about how you got started. More important, point out who the site is for, your target audience. Because your audience is looking for you and your content, wave that flag high for them to find you.

What you offer.

As much as people want to know who you are, they are more curious about what you can offer them. Outline the value that you offer your readers/clients. State what you hope to make people feel from your content, or learn, or do with your information/products. How can your simple space on the internet bring value to someone else’s life (and don’t feel like that is an impossible goal, we have gifts and passions that can be used to serve others, simply).

Where you are.

There are brands and companies often looking for local influencers, and fellow bloggers looking for collaborations. Listing your region or town will help them find you.

How to contact you.

Include your email or phone number. There are always questions from readers and inquiries from brands. Listing your contact information lets everyone know you are open for business, collaborations and community.

What they should do next.

This is a good place to prompt them to join your email list, or check our your most popular posts. As with every page on your site, you should point out the next step to take (the ‘call to action’) that makes them more engaged with you and your content.

When you give more information on who you are and what you do, you are narrowing down your audience to the most engaged readers. These are the readers who will bring you the most value in terms of growth, engagement and, community….and that is what it’s all about when we are building up businesses and brands of substance.

A Little Light is a community of Canadian Christian women looking to use social media with purpose and passion to glorify God in all the work they do, online and offline. Follow us on Pinterest!






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Writing the About Me Page (for Christian Women in Social Media)