tips writing readable blog posts-2Blogging has allowed millions of people to be contribute to the varied and compelling tapestry of writing across the online world. Anyone can start a blog, for any reason, about any topic. But one thing weaves all bloggers together, the writing.

Blogging sees every level and style of writing imaginable, so I won’t assume there to be one right way to do it. However, blogs are being read by an online audience that have come to appreciate posts that are ‘readable‘.  Here are some tips on making your blog posts more readable. 


  • Plan an outline/structure for how you will convey your message
  • Understand the audience you are writing for. Know the language they use, the concepts they are familiar with, and the topics that will resonate with them
  • Focus on one main theme/message and tell the story around it
  • You can write about anything, especially if you have a unique angle or viewpoint
  • Think of how your post will align with the mission statement of your blog
  • Think of how you want your reader to feel, what is the mission of the message
  • Think of how your post will serve your reader

Post Writing

  • Write short sentences
  • Write short paragraphs
  • If you have the option between simpler and complex language, stick with simpler
  • Use imagery to describe things, show don’t tell
  • Add value to each post: action items, practical advice, new information, etc. that the reader can use
  • Keep it to the point, every sentence counts in a blog post
  • Allow yourself to get personal, but not private, in the stories you share
  • Use a story to make the message impactful, but not a story that is an ill-fitting comparison for the depth the issue
  • Include great, clear photos (if you use photos from online, make sure to have proper rights)
  • End with a strong conclusion
  • Always add a ‘call to action’ at the end (examples: follow us on pinterest, comment on this post, like our facebook page, etc.)
  • Always proofread with fresh eyes and use spellcheck
  • Always edit out unnecessary/repetitive sentences, words or paragraphs
  • Use headings and bolding when it is suitable, this increases quick readability
  • Use simple fonts on light backgrounds
  • Where you have more than one theme going on, turn it into two shorter posts. A tip I read on Whine and Cheese is that where you have ‘and’ in the post title it is a sign to break it up into two posts
  • Cite everything that is not yours (quotes, pictures, ideas)
  • Don’t publish anything you aren’t proud of BUT know that perfection is rarely attainable – besides you can always go back and update a post at anytime
  • Give everything time. It takes time to find your own voice and style. Study the writers you admire, but keep your writing your own

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