About A Little Light

A.L.L. is here to encourage women just like you to embrace their creativities, their passions and their influence to live passionately and purposefully the life that God has called them to, both online and offline.

Our goal is to bring Canadian Christian women together into community to become colleagues, friends, and encouragers. Through relationships with like minded women, we will elevate this community to be known for one that is wild, brave and creative living out God’s calling in their lives – thereby encouraging their onlookers and audiences to do the same.


  • Every woman is made unique with her own story to tell
  • Every woman has a circle of influence that she can encourage and inspire
  • Every woman of God is called to glorify God through word and deed
  • Gifts are given by God for his glory.
  • God has made each woman unique with her own gifts, passions and influence.

A.L.L. wants to help women – you! – to understand her own gifts, use them with courage and intention, and be part of supportive community.

Together, we will be a little light, for the glory of God.

The easiest way to start benefiting from the camaraderie of the A.L.L. Community is to join the Facebook group. If you haven’t joined already, do not pass go and definitely don’t collect $200 – go join now!