Sharing Your Vulnerable Story (Community Collective Vol. 2)

Copy of collective vol 2Some of the core descriptive words of living authentically are honesty, vulnerability, and sharing. Living authentically also takes bravery, courage, and boldness. If you are thinking these words rule you out from living authentically you are wrong. Scale these words down to your size, what does it mean for you to be brave? What does vulnerability look like to you?

The definition of vulnerable is “capable of being physically or emotionally wounded, open to attack or damage” ( This is not painting a pretty picture of what it means to be vulnerable. The fear of being hurt is usually what keeps us from being vulnerable. There is a risk in sharing ourselves. But when we purposefully act and speak in vulnerability to encourage a sister, to share a story that tells of God’s goodness and forgiveness in your life, to share the hard and put yourself out there to receive love from others – being vulnerable is beautiful. It moves us from the position of just me to we.  Now we can be encouraged together, now we can praise God, now we can work together to a solution, and now we can share the pain.

We weren’t designed to be alone in this journey. Here are some Canadian women who have shared a vulnerable part of their own stories. A bit for themselves, a bit for others, and mostly to make God’s name known. May these stories give you some courage and grace to share yours.

Here is a new definition of vulnerable: bravely sharing my life with others. To be vulnerable is to tell my story to encourage, to empathize, to find the “me too” in our lives and together move into the future knowing we are not alone. Maybe you need to take a step towards incorporating more vulnerability into your life. Perhaps it isn’t the whole wide world you need to be vulnerable with, but start a ripple and look small and close to those around you. Even starting with being vulnerable with ourselves is a step. Share with us the steps you have taken to be more vulnerable or the ways you have seen being vulnerable be beautiful! We all need the encouragement.

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