Why You Should Take a Creative Retreat

I’m freshly back from our annual ALL Work Retreat and am reminded anew of all the reasons why I take a creative retreat at least once a year. While it is ideally something I would do two or three times a year, an annual creative retreat is an attainable goal.

Take a Creative Retreat so you can step away from normal and allow for renewed creativity.

You will be absolutely floored by how much creativity and productivity flows from choosing to leave the desk behind . Maybe you’ve already experienced this when you move your laptop to the coffee shop, but imagine an entire weekend dedicated to work in a new space?  Something about intentionally setting aside time for work and creativity ensures it actually happens.

Plus, by choosing an Airbnb that is everything that your house isn’t (well decorated, uncluttered, clean, etc) you’re giving your brain a breath of fresh air.

Choosing a new workspace for a creative retreat eliminates unnecessary distractions.

Maybe you relate: you sit down to work at home and immediately noticed the dust on the desk or remembered the dishes in the sink or thought about the unmade bed. How many times does that happen? Maybe all the time?

Choosing to go away for a creative retreat ensures that you are not distracted by the normals of life. Kids won’t be clamoring for attention, husbands won’t be asking for dinner, dishes won’t need to be done.

Taking a creative retreat with other creatives allows for spontaneous brainstorm sessions

You should absolutely take a creative retreat with kindred spirits for maximum results. Let’s face it: no one can be 100% productive 100% of the time, and being on a creative retreat is no exception. But if you are away with fellow creatives or likeminded entrepreneurs, the need for “down time” is filled with spontaneous brainstorming sessions where you will learn something new or make it past a mental hurdle or just have a great time supporting your gal pals.


Investing in yourself has amazing ROI.

Coming back from my two nights in a beautiful Airbnb just twenty minutes away from my home (yup: we were that close to reality), my brain is refreshed and my heart is encouraged and my body is (mostly) rested (brainstorm sessions don’t always happen in the middle of the day, so sleep doesn’t always get a priority).

My task list will never be completely empty and my queue of projects will never be all caught up, but a weekend of working in creative retreat gives me the recharge to keep on pushing through.

Entrepreneur life isn’t easy, but surrounding yourself with fabulous peers and taking time to step away makes it fun.




The 2018 ALL Creative Retreat included not only professionally made gourmet food but also stunning sunrises, an Instagram workshop training, and new lifestyle photographs for each of the attendees. Will you be joining us at the spring retreat?

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