Celebrate Easter With These Adorable DIYS (Community Collective Vol.5)

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When I married my husband and was further inducted into his family of origin’s traditions and ways, The Easter Egg Hunt was top on the list of things an in-law must learn. Their egg hunt was a far cry from my own family of origin’s egg hunt of five dozen (five kids, one dozen eggs each) hand-coloured eggs that lasted at minimum five rounds so everyone had a chance to hide the eggs. On my side of the family, the Easter Egg Hunt is a competitive athletic sport that should be limited to adults only. I love both of these family traditions. We have chosen to start out with a gentle ONE dozen hand dyed and stickered egg hunt and I foresee that when the children can handle it, physically and emotionally, we will level up our easter egg hunt but maybe still limit the physical contact.

Celebrating Easter is actually kind of a big deal. It is not possible to under-celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross and the JOY and VICTORY when he rose from the dead three days later. As Christians, this is pivotal to what we profess. This is the great gift given to us; undeserved and unwarranted and because of Great Love.

So this is our little reminder that next weekend we have a lot to celebrate. Celebrate in a way that is right for you in this season. But do celebrate! Do what you can, make it special in doable ways.

Here are some celebratory Easter ideas from fellow Canadian Christian Women who break it down into doable bits, thank goodness.


-{Lemon Thistle}-

Colleen is always keeping me on top of whatever holiday or occasion is coming up next with her lovely decorating DIY projects and party-planning expertise. Plus she has twins and a newborn so I feel like her projects are in the realm of possible for my life with two littles. This Easter she is sharing a DIY Pom Pom Bunny Tea Towel which has fabric painting and pom pom making (favourites for me). She also has an adorable DIY Animal-Eared Pillow Tutorial. This free Easter printable is the simplest thing to print off and jazz up your wall or mantel for Easter.

There is so much more on her //blog//instagram//pinterest//twitter//





-{Sugar Plum Sisters}-

These gals are two stylin’, hard workin’ creative women. They have a gorgeous Easter Table to inspire your table decorating. Their DIY Easter Egg Succulent project is terribly cute and you don’t even have to boil an egg to do it! Plus, it would be adorable for any time of year – like so many of their other projects and gifts. From the community of their family to the community of business they support, these ladies put a lot of heart into their work and it shows.

Check out more goodness at their //blog//instagram(Pam)//instagram(Laurel)//pinterest//twitter//





-{Amidst The Chaos}-

I love this blog. It is an awesome compilation of lovely things and includes a category of posts called “Obsessions” that includes Kitchen Utensils. Christine and I may be soul sisters. Christine put together a DIY Bunny Ears Floral Crown Tutorial that is so pretty. I just pictured my little girl wearing it, then pregnancy took over and it made me cry.

GO, make a crown and see what else is in the Obsessions category. //blog//instagram//pinterest//twitter//youtube//



There are so many ways to make Easter the celebratory occasion that it is. From putting ice cream on your pancakes to make it fancy or creating a beautifully decorated table, if it’s intended to celebratory than it is!

What are the traditions in your families to celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice for us?

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for including us in this wonderful post…we are honored to be in such great company! Easter, indeed, is one of my favorite times of the year..most importantly celebrating the hope we have in Christ!

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