Story-Tellers, Truth-Bearers, Heart-Sharers (Community Collective Vol. 7)

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To wrap up our month of ‘writing’ we wanted to share a few of our favourite posts written by Canadian Christian women. Today we are featuring two authors and two who should be authors (wink, wink). We love the ability these ladies have to be story-tellers, truth-bearers and heart-sharers.


Getting a Grip

by Brandi-Lee Doucette

//excerpt// “Soon we are outside, me on my bike and my dad walking. He walks with his hands in his jean jacket pockets, the kind of jacket with the light brown corduroy collar and says ‘Lee’ on the buttons. He smokes a cigarette. I pedal ahead fast and turn around, then pedal back to my dad. I do this over and over. We don’t talk much. I bike, and he smokes.”


I met God in a Psych Ward

by Emily Wierenga

//excerpt// “Eleven years old, and my parents have admitted me into a mental hospital and I am curled up on the bed in my green gown counting my ribs, feeling the wind in my chest, my stomach growling like the night Mum snuck into my bed to hold me, because I wouldn’t let her during the day, and that’s when she’d stifled a scream because her daughter was all bone.”


In which I’m practicing 

by Sarah Bessey

// excerpt// “I practiced poking holes, deflating arguments, identifying the pill in all of the jam. My response to it all was, “yeah, but…” and I set up my piano on the border between Funny and Mean, playing sarcastic scales in the name of wit, you might be surprised by how much snark you can fit into 140 characters.”


When I met generosity

by Aliza Latta

//excerpt// “He took us into the thick of the Amazon rainforest. It was everything I had thought it to be and nothing like what I imagined: hot and green, and stunningly beautiful, and utterly terrifying. I was in awe of the rainforest, in awe that I was in the rainforest, and in awe that I was in the rainforest searching for tigers.”



We hope you have enjoyed this past month as we’ve explored the topic of ‘writing’. We are so excited to dive into April, a month we will spend exploring ‘dreaming’. Are you dreaming bigger dreams?



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