Why Are You Writing? (Community Collective Vol. 3)

why are you writing vol 3Getting an introvert like myself sharing my thoughts about things can be a slow and arduous process (unless I’m pregnant, then watch out!). The people who know the most about me are the ones who ask the best questions. Like many tormented introverted souls I like to write out my thoughts. Even in my own private journal working out my emotions and inner thoughts into words on paper can be a process that takes a lot of focus and even bravery.  Writing provides me with a tool to work out my feelings, explore why I respond certain ways to people or situations, and reflect on what is happening in my life.  It helps me hone in on what God is doing in my life and how He is leading me. Writing sharpens and articulates my thoughts. The more I write the better I am at sharing in person. Saying how I feel or what I think is less cumbersome and embarrassing when I practice through writing.

Knowing the “why” behind our writing helps us to become better writers. We can write with precision and intent and our message will be clear. Sometimes I think the ‘why’ of our writing doesn’t occur to us until after we have poured out our words on paper and look at them. Writing can be used profoundly in our lives to grow us.

Take a look at why these Canadian Christian women write

  • Jaq Melissen {Two Fun Moms}
    • Writing gives Jaq’s brain something else to productively think about besides her four fabulously fun and freaky kids.
  • Kim Moran {In Everything}
    • Kim’s lifestyle blog features lovely recipes and inspiration but is mainly a platform to share her story of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Liz Mannegren {Mama Mannegren}
    • Liz began writing after the loss of one of her twin sons at 32 weeks. She describes how she has discovered that writing is more than just for herself or her son’s memory, but to encourage other mama’s who have lost a baby.
  • Lisa Hall-Wilson {Through The Fire}
    • Lisa outlines three major reasons we write. She encourages us to find the purpose, the enjoyment, behind these reasons and own the title of ‘writer’ without needing to it rationalize to or cater to others.

What is the why behind your writing? What inspires and moves you to attempt to capture things in words?

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