Created to Be: Vanessa Voth, writer + photographer


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// we talked about //

Being a ‘follower of your curiosities’, writing her Oma’s memoir (The Girl from No.6), writing retreats, starting a clothing shop with her friend Lesley, how to awaken the passion for the things you are interested in while in motherhood, and more


// The Girl From No. 6//

 In the late 1920s, Stalin was determined to turn Russia into a “Soviet Paradise”. For thousands of Russian Mennonites that meant exorbitant taxes, arrest, forced labour, losing their farms and businesses, and even losing their lives. With their faith in God and little else, Nikolai and Kaethe Penner fled for their lives with their toddler Maria, praying to find a way to leave Russia alive. Later joined by Kaethe’s parents and her brother, the two families set off on a journey that ultimately took them half way around the world. Their faith in God and their love for each other sustained them through the difficult years as they built a community, and a life, from nothing.

Years later, young Maria falls in love with Jacob, a persistent young Mennonite boy, despite his lack of faith in God. Together they raise their four children before deciding to immigrate to Canada where a whole new life awaits them.

Based on true events as told by the author’s grandmother, The Girl from No. 6 shows us the resilience of families that have lost everything and must start over. It also speaks to the support of an unwavering faith that everything happens for a reason, even when it seems the world is crumbling away around you.

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// things we mentioned //

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

My Harp Has Turned to Mourning by Al Reimer

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte


// an update on Pemberley Clothing Co. //

Earlier this week we mentioned we’d be sharing some big news today. It’s hard for us to even type these words out… after much deliberation, thought, consideration, and tears, we have made the most difficult decision to close our business. . . We can only imagine the questions you might be asking your phone right now – they’re probably similar to the questions we’ve struggled to answer over the last few weeks, and especially days. Lesley and I have poured our hearts and souls into Pemberley, and Pemberley has blessed us in so many ways, it makes us tear up just thinking about it. . . Pemberley started as a way to fill our children’s closets with clothes that we loved, but it quickly became so much more than that. Pemberley opened our eyes to an industry we had always overlooked. Our beliefs about our spending and the products we bring into our home, and how we care for our clothes and our environment have changed significantly. We have both changed since we started this business, and for that we are forever grateful, and our friendship is stronger than ever. . . But alas, in the end it became more than we could have ever anticipated, and we knew that in order to make Pemberley grow, our personal lives and our relationships with our families and others would have to suffer, and neither of us was willing to make that sacrifice. . . So, before we start crying again, let us take this moment to deeply, deeply thank you all – for your support, encouragement, friendship and company as you journeyed with us. Though our stint was short-lived, the effects it had on us are long-lasting. We will always remember each and every one of you that purchased our dresses, and we will likely shed a tear every time we come across a little girl donning her Pemberley dress. So again, thank you. We love you. . . And you can still follow us as we pursue other endeavours – @lesleystefanski and @vanessa_voth_writer! We are both creatives, eager to follow our curiosities, so you never know where we might end up next! xoxo L&V

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