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We are excited to introduce our new Interview Series on Platforms and Purpose. We have some fabulous women lined up who are willing to let us question them on how they got where they are, and how their faith ties into the work they are doing online.  First up we have Kimberly Gladman

platforms and purpose interview


“A fashion school drop out, living in the grace of Jesus”

She is a mama who founded and runs the Vancouver based clothing company called SHE IS Clothing. Her clothes are adorable and we just love the heart behind them. Thank you for being part of our interview series Kim

  1. You started out in the fashion industry. What prompted you to bring your faith into your work in such an outright way? A strong conviction about either being Salt and Light…or not (Mathew 5).
  2. You started almost grassroots, with a small number of shirts. What kinds of lessons do you think we can learn from starting small vs aiming for a huge launch? A huge launch would have meant me having to borrow money!!! It’s very hard to start any business without going into even a little bit of debt these days but with this being a “hobby” of sorts, in the beginning I made a commitment to grow my business organically by putting any/all profits back into product.
  3. How do you navigate the materialism of the fashion world and our pursuits of beauty as modern Christian women? My pastor once said, “Ladies, dress to kill – but always check your motives” I thought that was awesome, and has always stuck with me, especially while I try and navigate marketing to this crazy industry!
  4. What kinds of doubts did you face with opening shop and how have you moved through them? I remember specifically looking at the first stack of t-shirts I had printed. There were 30 t-shirts on my kitchen table…and out loud I actually said “Lord, how am I supposed to sell these?!” I got on my knees and asked Him to move and multiply, and He did!
  5. The ‘Proverbs 31’ woman can feel like an overwhelming standard to some. How do you feel the ‘she is’ message can empower women? All scripture is God inspired, not just Proverbs 31, and when you look at it that way….a lot of it can be overwhelming! For me – this Proverbs 31 women is a huge example to me – that I might fear the Lord, and always look to Him for wisdom. This woman knew where her priorities should be!!
  6. In addition to your shop you have a blog where you share your faith and people who inspire you. How has blogging changed your online experience? I should be updating this more!!! In the past blogging has been a great outreach tool. I love blogging, and wish I had more time to do it!
  7. As your shop increases, how will you balance your pursuits to grow your business and the underlying goal of what God has placed you online to accomplish? There isn’t a whole lot of balance for me. Essentially its the same thing. Growing my business and my online community IS accomplishing that goal.
  8. With being a mother, wife, blogging, running an online shop, what does self-care look like to you? Honestly, it means sitting in my big fuzzy robe in the morning, getting to read God’s word with a cup of coffee in my hand. Nothing better 🙂
  9. What productivity tips would you have for other moms working an online business from home? Having a plan (I don’t do anything without a plan) and setting boundaries.
  10. What encouragement would you have for other women to use their talents and passions to share the grace and love of God? I really don’t think you can go wrong when you are obediently, and genuinely living for Jesus! What tremendous privilege and responsibility we have to share the Love of God with the world (all of us will do this uniquely). My encouragement, is to share His love with the same kind of passion and intensity that HE (Jesus) did.

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