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2 thoughts on “For the Blogger Who Doesn’t Love To Blog (Alternatives to Blogging)

  1. Hey I just recently started blogging and I’m kinda off stuck, because I’m running out of topics to write on or I forget about the things that I wanted to blog about so i’m hoping you could help me in that area and I really liked the tips that I just read about as I’m really looking to engage people and share with each other our stories and everyday life incidents.
    My blog is about looking at every day incidents and how we can add our christian values to it to make everyday less hassle free and also how we can change our situations that we face everyday through a christian approach and learning to cope with our failures.
    Also I really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and share some of your thoughts.
    Thank you.

  2. I enjoyed the navigational experience really.
    As I have been searching throughout the internet, I can see that I have to
    utilize something other than Tumblr. Thanks a lot for the attention opening experience

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