Rediscovering the Beauty of the Advent

instagram wreathAs a child who grew up believing in Santa I know about waiting for Christmas. I know about that wholehearted adoration and devoted anticipation of hoping and waiting and celebrating.

Each year of my childhood, as I counted down the days to Santa, I watched the advent candle be lit each Sunday. The advent felt archaic and distant to me. This year something is different. Advent has hit a place in my heart that the little girl in me had reserved for the loyal hope I placed on a Santa Claus.

The advent is about waiting for Jesus. Hoping for Him. Preparing for Him. I think of Mary. The mom in me can best relate to this mixture of sentiments in what is like to wait, hope and prepare for your baby.  The advent is also about the gifts Jesus brings. Reconciliation, forgiveness, salvation, promise. I need these gifts every day. The child in me can relate to this excitement of waiting for a long hoped-for gift.

These next four weeks we will be counting down the advent with you. Our members have stepped up to share their own words on Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.  We hope you will join us. We hope that this will be a time for you to reflect, prepare, anticipate, and get excited by the days leading up to Christmas.


Wreath photo used courtesy from one of our fave instagrammers, Erin 

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