Action over Excuses – Ways That Anyone Can Help the Syrian Refugees

syrian refugees helpOur last post was about seeing the excuses we make that keep us from taking action to help the vulnerable. In this post we would like to share some innovative ideas that a normal ordinary person could participate in to help the refugees. It is in no way an exhaustive list, if you stumble across other ideas please comment and let us know and we can help share the many ways we can serve.

Ways to love on the Syrian Refugees

From Your Couch:

Buy a book. Our friend Jessica at worked with other food bloggers to create ‘Soups for Syria’. The suggested donation is just 10 dollars and you get a collection of delicious soup recipes. Proceeds go to the Mennonite Central Committee who has 27 ongoing projects with the refugees. This could make a lovely gift.

Online Shopping! This UK amazon wishlist is for the refugees and will be delivered to them. You simply select the item you would like, purchase, and help a refugee!

Donate. Return your bottles, check under the couch cushions, buy one less Christmas gift. There are many organizations who are on the ground and in Canada doing exceptional work aiding the refugees.

*Until December 31 the Government of Canada will match donations made to registered Canadian charities in response to the Syria crisis dollar for dollar! * 

***This includes the proceeds of the ‘Soups for Syria’ cookbook, which go to the Mennonite Central Committee, a registered Canadian charity responding to the Syria crisis***

Don’t know were to direct your donations? The Government of Canada has some information and questions to help you make an informed choice, look here.

Off the Couch Options:

Welcoming Refugees. There are many volunteer positions for welcoming refugees, as well as a need for housing and job opportunities. In BC you can check out this site for volunteer opportunities. Google search “refugee settlement organization” and your city or region to find who is helping refugees resettle in Canada. 

Knit or Crochet. get your hands busy and gather a crew of fellow yarn crafters together and have yourselves a knit-n-natter and make toques for refugees! Search facebook for “25,000 toques” and find a group near you. If you are a Southern BC woman, check out the Interior BC group for different drop off points around the province.


Get off the couch and into your closest area of influence.

  “How you love where you are is how you change the world”

-Ann Voskamp

We each have an area of influence right where we are. As we aid the vulnerable of the world, welcome the refugee to our nation, there is neighbour right beside you. Hold your heart open to the world and take action within your community. With God you have something to offer, a ‘Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love’. (Jesus Storybook Bible).


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