Hope of Heaven

“Earth’s crammed with heaven

And every common bush afire with God:

But only he who sees, takes of his shoes.

The rest sit round it, and pluck blackberries

And daub their natural faces unaware.”

-Elizabeth Browning

finding beauty in the everydayWhen God went about creating the earth and Adam and Eve, he did it intentionally and with great care and creativity. Wondrously he designed everything to image Him, to carry some aspect of Himself, to reflect and share and shout that they were made by a holy and awesome God. Creation draws us in.

Life brings a repetition of mundane activities, persistent tasks, and revolving cycles of caring. While the mundane is necessary to fulfill responsibilities, when all we are doing is staring at the revolving wheel of daily life, we loose the life and love God wants to bring into it.

Its been on my heart to to let myself look and linger a bit more these days. Maybe my youngest turning one and feeling the relief that we kept him alive for the first year and seeing the baby wear off is refreshing me a bit. Or that my three year old’s hair is finally long enough to mostly stay in a ponytail is setting me on a new life course. But really, I’ve missed the wonder. I’ve missed enjoying what is around me. Goodness, my heart is aching for some beauty, some glimpses of God and hints of heaven.

So I’m going to stare out my window a little longer, smell a little deeper. I’m going to look for beauty in the mundane and rhythms of life and make that holy. It’s going to remind me of where I’m going and why I’m here.

I think we all need a bit of that, the hope of heaven. To inspire us in our daily tasks and spur us on to good works. In due time we will see the culmination of our earthly strivings and be fully in the joy of the Lord in heaven.

And I’m praying that you see bits of glory in your day to day too. That you will be reminded about the hope of heaven and the beauty of the God we serve.

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